Why hearing aid needs special care in Bangalore

Do you grasp your hearing aid wants special care from moisture?

Yes, your hearing aid should be protected against moisture for its longevity. Although your hearing aid is formed from material that offers optimum protection to the help, still if you don’t take right care of your hearing aid, it will get broken. Moisture is one in all the best enemies liable for the injury of your hearing aid. And so, you would like to require further care to keep your device aloof from moisture. It’s better to avoid wearing your hearing aid on a rainy day, while swimming, taking shower and doing heavy workouts.
Hearing Aid may be severely broken if it's exposed to moisture and not dried-up soon. It’s higher to stay it aside and place it in an exceedingly protecting case which will keep moisture free. You’ll be able to conjointly visit hearing aid center in Bangalore for any help.

What Really Happens When Hearing Aid catches Moisture?

Moisture contains water which slowly interferes with the electrical circuits that connect to the internal components of the hearing aid and damages it. You can protect the hearing aid from permanent damage.
Moisture contains water that slowly interferes with the electrical circuits that hook up with the inner elements of the hearing aid and damages it. You’ll be able to shield the hearing aid from permanent harm.
It may happen that few accidental drop of water falls over your hearing aid, simply grab a dry artifact or a soft tissue and wipe it off quickly.
Use you’re protecting wrapping for your hearing aids that are simply offered on-line and within the market just in case you would like to wear the help wherever there's a risk of wetness. It’s higher to stay an additional try of hearing aid if you would like to participate in activities that will damp your hearing aid.
Your audiologist will suggest a tool called “Dehumidifier” for your hearing because the device gets wet, that you'll use at nighttime once you now have to be compelled to wear it. You’ll additionally dry the help by disposing of the battery and leave it to dry naturally. With the assistance of soppy tissue, visible wetness can get absorbed. Avoid employing a blow dryer to dry the device. It’s going to harm the device.
It’s higher to consult your audiologist or hearing aid center in Bangalore for the device to forestall any harm.

Guidelines to keep your hearing aids safe

Few belongings you will do to guard your hearing aid devices from extreme wet, heat, and water:
  • Use Umbrella or Hat whereas stepping go into the rain
  • Never keep your hearing aid directly within the daylight. Use a hearing aid protects your device throughout hot summer.
  • Purchase hearing aid drier or dehumidifier.
  • Keep your hearing aid in cold place throughout the night. Don’t forget to get rid of batteries and keep battery door receptive enable the device dry go into case it's dampened by the wet.
  • Invest in few covers for your hearing aids offered within the market. They vary from cloth, sweatband material, synthetic rubber material and material.
  • It’s higher to take a position within the water resistant device. They need water-resistant coating that protects them from squishes of water and prevents perspiration.
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How to Drive Safely With Hearing Loss

Do you feel that your hearing loss is affecting your ability to drive efficiently and safely as well? Here we will discuss some of the tips for driving safely with hearing loss.
Loss of Hearing often let you feel inconvenient and annoying and it can put you in trouble when someone is honking behind your back and you are not able to hear them.
The different sounds we normally rely on to navigate the road safely include horn honking, the whistle of a traffic police, the bell ringing of the bike and so on which becomes tough to detect and often go undetected.
Some of the different aspects to look for when evaluating how to drive safely with hearing loss includes:-
One of the best ways to drive with hearing loss is to get your hearing loss treated at hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing aids.
Just ensure you wear your hearing aids while driving a vehicle and also ensure to have regular hearing aid-checkups as long-term exposure to sound can damage your hearing badly.
Avoiding Distractions
Multitasking can lead to great disturbance while driving on the road. Texting and driving simultaneously can lead to car accidents that result in severe injuries, making phone calls extremely distracting as it forces you to try to hear the voice of the person you’re speaking with. It’s better to pull up to the side of the road or into a parking lot if you get in trouble that requires urgent attention.
Keeping Music to a Minimum
Loud music can not only damage your hearing after long periods of time, but it can also be a major source of distraction that makes it impossible to hear sound signals from the external environment.
If vehicles like ambulances or squad cars are at far distance then you can listen to their faint noise and move your vehicles accordingly.
Paying Attention to Visual Cues
People with hearing loss need to be extra conscious and make sense of the external environment. It’s better to pay attention to traffic signals and make use of your rearview mirrors. Most of the time it becomes difficult to pinpoint the relative distance of moving vehicles, so be alert every time and make use of your eyes to protect yourself in those situations.
It’s necessary to hear sounds while driving. Be sure to wear your hearing aids and feel confident while driving.
AANVI hearing aid is a specialized center in Bangalore serving all people having hearing issues. Using cutting-edge technology and different types of hearing aids, they let you feel comfortable at each step of your hearing check up. If you feel you have any kind of hearing issues, it’s better to visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked now. Get your hearing examined now and drive safely to your home. Follow the tips for driving safely with Hearing Loss. Get hearing aids that suit you best and enjoy better hearing.

How to Recognize the Signs of Hearing Loss and What to Do About It

Hearing loss can appear suddenly, slowly or it could be by birth. Most of the time, the hearing loss gradually developed and you may not able to notice it. So it is important to be able to recognize the early symptoms of hearing loss, so that you can identify the problem quickly.
Early symptoms of hearing loss in adult
  • Difficulty in hearing while talking to other people – unable to distinguish specific words.
  • Trouble in hearing the telephone, doorbell.
  • While listening to music or watching television, need the volume higher than other people.
  • Difficult to find which direction sound is coming from.
  • While concentrate to listening, feeling tired or stressed.
  • If you hear a ringing, roaring, buzzing or whistling sound in your ears, it could be a sign of tinnitus, which is often related with hearing loss.
  • Physical symptoms like pus or fluid leaking from the ear indicating hearing loss.
At times, you may perceive indications of hearing loss in another person before they see it themselves. Research proposes it requires 10 years from the time somebody sees they have hearing loss, before they make a move.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss in babies

You should think to visit to your family doctor or GP, if you notice that your baby or toddler:
  • Is not responded by loud noises
  • doesn't turn towards the source of a sound while under four months old
  • In one year old they do not say single words
  • When you call their name, they are not seeing you
Symptoms of Hearing Loss in children

Some symptoms noticed by the children are:
  • If he is not able to speak, in which time he should speak clearly
  • When you ask some question or call by your child’s name, he is not responding properly
  • Follow the instruction of other people because they he not heard properly
  • Your child starts to speak more loudly than previously
Instructions to Have Your Hearing Tested

If you feel that you may be suffering from hearing loss or having any of the symptoms, it is most important to contact nearby hearing aid center. The most common test done by a professional audiologist will perform is a conditioned play activity (CPA). This test is in painless and is mostly completed in just a few minutes. During the test, the audiologist will play different types of sounds at various volumes, and the person being tested must raise their hand, or press a button when they hear the sound. Based on the results, an audiologist can determine if you have experienced hearing loss, and if so, how much loss has occurred. Depending upon the result, an audiologist can make recommendations for hearing aids which will be appropriate for you.

Different Hearing aid Options

There are various kinds of hearing aids available. The most popular are:
  • Completely in the canal (CIC) or mini CIC
  • In the canal (ITE)
  • In the ear (ITE)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • Receiver in canal (RIC) or receiver in the ear (RITE)
  • Open fit
If you feel you have any difficulty in hearing, contact your nearest hearing aid center and get your hearing tested immediately.

How to choose the right Hearing aids for me?

The Explanation of a hearing aid is a small electronic device usually worn behind or in ear of a hearing-impaired person for amplifying sound.  A hearing aid consists of three basic parts - a microphone, a speaker and an amplifier.

There are various kinds of hearing aids available.  So which is suit best for you and need find out what need to consider?

Choosing the right hearing aid

To choose the right hearing aid, you need to visit a Hearing Aid Center.  The type that's best for you will rely on the kind of hearing loss you've got.
Hearing aids are available many various sizes. Select a hearing aid that you just will handle well which fits your ear well.

You may like a hearing aid that rests behind your ear. It’s connected by a tube to a shaped plastic piece that matches within your ear. You will like a hearing aid that matches simply within your ear. These works firmly however is also straightforward to check. Hearing aids that slot in your auditory canal are hidden and exhausting to check. Raise that hearing aid is best for you.

Feedback is a shrieking sound that leaves the ear shape when it doesn't fit appropriately.
Feedback makes hearing tough. Some hearing aids cause additional feedback than others. you will have to be compelled to attempt many sorts of hearing aids to seek out what works best for you.

Tips for caring hearing aid

Go through the manual how to use the hearing aid options, similar to the volume, power, and different settings.
Take a look from your aid supplier however the hearing aid should be clean and maintained. Once you find out how to use and take care of the hearing aid, you'll be able to confirm that it's operating properly.
Batteries could need to be changed every 1 to 2 weeks.

Different Hearing aid styles

Hearing aids vary in price, size, special features and the way they're placed in your ear. Here are some common hearing aid styles.
  • Completely in the canal (CIC) or mini CIC - A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is molded to fit inside your ear canal. It recovers mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.
  • In the canal - An in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is custom molded and fits partly in the ear canal. It can recover mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.
  • In the ear - in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids fit completely inside the outer ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Behind the ear - A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. This type is used for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss.
  • Receiver in canal or receiver in the ear - The receiver-in-canal (RIC) and receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) styles are similar to a behind-the-ear hearing aid with the speaker or receiver in the canal or in the ear. A tiny wire, rather than tubing, connects the pieces.
  • Open fit - An open-fit hearing aid is a variation of the behind-the-ear hearing aid with a thin tube.


If you feel that you are suffering from hearing loss, please feel free to visit your nearest hearing aid center. It would help to improve from suffering any hearing issues using ultra-modern techniques and technologies.

Steps to Take Before Buying New Hearing Aids

hearing aid center in Bangalore

Buying Hearing Aids is an important decision that can increase quality and ensure safety in your life. So, take your time to find out the licensed hearing professional with the right device.

As it is very difficult to see with one eye and just like it is difficult to hear with one ear. If you have a hearing issue in both ears, you should wear two hearing aids. Hearing with two different hearing aids is known as binaural amplification and is shown to enhance speech understanding especially in noisy environments, better ability to locate from where sounds are coming and better quality of sound.
Hearing Healthcare professional will be able to tell you whether you need one or two hearing aids.

Get your Hearing Checked

It takes very less time and provides an exact assessment of your hearing health. It gives you a fair idea whether you require hearing aids or not.

Find a Hearing Professional in Your Area

Never trust any advertisements without doing proper research and analysis. Always research and get reviews from others. There are lots of hearing aids available in the market, from which you have to choose the right one. Visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get a thorough checkup of your hearing and then get the hearing aid which suits you the best.

Analyze Cost and Maintenance of Different Models of Hearing Aids

Go through the services included in the price of your hearing aids. Just ensure that your hearing specialist tell you about insurance protection and other programs that minimize the cost of loss, repair, and maintenance.

Make sure that hearing aids are adjusted optimally. Poorly adjusted devices are very uncomfortable to wear and don’t provide ease.
Inform your family and friends that you are now using hearing aids for better hearing and they are now not required to speak up loudly. Also, find out the exact trial period of the device.

Ask about Follow-up care

After selecting the right hearing aid for you, aftercare is very important and it’s highly recommended. Your hearing can have a little change with time so there is a need of adjustment to your hearing instruments. As hearing aids are highly sophisticated so they need to be maintained regularly.

AANVII hearing solutions Bangalore aim to enhance the lives of the people having hearing issues using innovative techniques. Get your hearing tested at right time and choose from wide range of hearing aids available and select the right hearing aid for you.

5 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss in Childhood

3rd March is marked as World Hearing Day, an effort by WHO to increase the public awareness about hearing health and issues. This year they have highlighted the ways to prevent childhood hearing loss.
Here we will focus on early hearing loss detection in children and ways to prevent hearing loss:

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children                                               

40% Hearing Loss in Children is caused by genetic factors and the remaining 60 percent causes can be avoided. Causes include exposure to ototoxic medications, birth complications, infections and birth complications. Exposure to loud noises from electronics or loud crowds can cause a threat to children’s ears.

What Parents Can Do

Here we will discuss five ways parents can keep their children’s hearing safe:-

Buy Noise-Limiting Headphones

Children and teens have a tendency to push the volume to the limits. So, use of noise-limiting headphones ensures that the volume remains low even if they turn it to the maximum limit.

Listen to Your Children’s Toys

Most of the children’s toys emit sound over 85 decibels, which can damage the hearing. So, it’s better to test your children’s toys by installing a free sound meter on your smartphone. If toys sound is too loud then remove batteries or paste a duct tape over it to reduce the volume of the sound emitted.
In the case of any hearing disorders, you can come with your child and visit hearing professionals at Hearing Solutions Bangalore and get their hearing examined and get suitable hearing aids.

Invest in Ear Protection

Make your children a habit of wearing ear protection at events having large crowds, loud music, and the sound of firecrackers. Invest in ear protectors like a set of earmuff to ensure that children’s ears are protected from initial days.


Children should be vaccinated on time for diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella as they are leading cause of childhood hearing loss. Vaccinate your kids against these deadly viruses and ensure that your child, as well as others, is also protected.

Inculcate Safe Listening Habits

Still, our society is not aware of the hearing protection tips. They tend to underestimate the value of hearing but it needs to be protected. There is a need to grow child’s awareness about hearing dangers and significance of protecting their ears. You can ask them to turn the volume of the television and electronic devices to low, covering ears when exposed to loud sound and using headphones at a safe volume.

Protecting your child from initial childhood days and inculcating good habits in them is more likely to reduce the chances of hearing loss to a great extent. If you think your child has any hearing issues, visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get their hearing tested immediately.

Noise Protection Tips for Workers

If you are working at a noisy place or in a factory having so much loud noise, then protecting your hearing must be a priority. Workers at job site are more prone to hearing loss and they need to take an extra care to protect their hearing.

Follow these noise protection tips to keep your hearing protected at noisy places like job site, construction zones, and concerts and so on to live healthier and longer.

Take everyday noise protection care

Wear high-quality industrial earplugs or ear muffs help to protect your ears and hearing as well.

Avoid loud environments

Concerts and Construction zones are the noisy areas and can cause hearing loss. If you work at construction site and you can’t avoid going there, so protect your ears usinf canal caps, ear plugs and ear muffs.

Wear noise-cancelling headphones

Most of the workers put on iPods and other music devices to avoid the sound of the background noise. Instead of listening to your favorite song at high volume, consider wearing noise-cancelling earplugs.

Quit smoking and keep your blood sugar in check

Smoking not only damage your breathing, heart, and lungs, it also suffocates almost every cell of the body, including ear canal cells. You need to check your blood sugar levels on regular basis to know the imbalances it creates for your ears. It’s better to visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked.

Never stick anything inside your ear canal

It’s always important to select a safe noise protection device that doesn’t get inside your ear canal. When you insert cotton swabs and other stick like substance in your ear to remove earwax, they tend to puncture your ear drum and create an uncomfortable build-up by pushing debris and wax deep inside the ear canal. If you feel any damage in your ear, you must consult hearing aid center in Bangalore and consult a professional ear specialist there.

Use noise protection like ear plugs when needed

If you are at a risk of hearing loss, then you should be using noise protection devices like ear muffs and ear plugs at work at any noisy places you visit.

So, it’s essential for workers to wear proper hearing protection equipment while working at the job site. Ignoring or neglecting the protection tips can give a call to complete hearing loss in workers. It affects the production level of the workers too. Take preventive measures when it comes to hearing safety in the workplace. AANVII, hearing solutions Bangalore is a specialized center for resolving all the hearing issues using cutting-edge techniques. 

What do you need to Know about Digital Hearing Aids?

Hearing loss patients often get confused about the number of options when it comes to hearing aids. There are so many new inventions and emerging technologies you get to hear about hearing care industry. One of the latest techniques is “digital hearing aids” or “digital programmable hearing aid”.

Nowadays, all the high-quality hearing aids are digital. What do you understand by this?

It means that hearing aid has a tiny digital processor built in, just like a miniaturized computer. The sound coming into hearing aid is converted to a digital signal is processed by the computer and converted back to the audible sound which is heard by when you place your hearing aid. The digital processor is programmed to treat loud sounds differently than softer sounds and reduce any distortion
The entire process may seem to be difficult enough, but the best way to improve the quality and clarity as well of the incoming sounds, compensate the hearing loss of the individual. Nowadays, hearing aids are not simple amplifiers; they are extremely sound processing devices.

Most of the modern hearing aids are programmable. It includes an audiologist who fits your hearing aid; create a custom program for the hearing aid’s computer,  that is well customized to your hearing loss. If your hearing loss changes, the lifestyle also changes with time, the audiologist can adjust the program to suit the new situation.

In some store, you will get   “personal sound amplifiers”, at very low cost. Actually, these devices are hearing aids. They are not programmable devices and do not have digital processing. Due to equal amplification, loud sounds become louder. They amplify all frequencies that you can hear quite well without amplification.

Digital Programmable has been introduced now, and this technology is fast more effective than any other method of hearing.

Digital Technology helped us to create an effective solution for an extensive range of hearing difficulty and tailored hearing aids to the specific needs. Digital Hearing Aids provide you with the best sound than before and let you identify and enhance speech over background noise and allow you to adjust their volume based on your environment.

Digital Hearing Aids can be fitted comfortably behind the ears and let you live life to its fullest.
AANVII Hearing Solutions Bangalore is a specialized center for people with Hearing disorders having the aim to improve the lives of people suffering from hearing issues with the help of cutting-edge techniques.

Unsure if you need a hearing aid?

Just visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked now and find an extensive range of hearing aids to suit your style.

Hearing Loss: Causes & Prevention

Hearing loss is one of the major concerns of the world today. We can’t deny the fact that we are living in the noisy world. A shouting child, TV on high volume, noise of vacuum cleaner, traffic, lawn mower, honking cars, sirens contribute to noise pollution and responsible for hearing loss. WHO (World Health Organization) is one of the groups that have warned about the serious impact of noise pollution on human health as well as on the daily activities. Prolonged exposure to sound exceeding 80 decibels can cause hearing loss as well as serious health issues.

Some of the health issues of noise pollution are:
  • ·         Hearing loss
  • ·         Tinnitus
  • ·         Sleep Disturbances
  • ·         Cardiovascular Issues
  • ·         Pain and Fatigue
  • ·         Poor Work & School Performance
  • ·         Speech Issues  

How many decibels are too loud?

A constant noise level of 85 dB can result in a permanent hearing loss. This is the sound level of heavy road traffic. Compressed air hammers reach the sound level of 100dB.
Constant exposure to noise can cause two main types of hearing loss: Temporary threshold shift and Permanent threshold shift.

What is temporary threshold shift?

Temporary Threshold Shift is defined as temporary dullness in your hearing after exposure to loud noises. Your hearing will be recovered consequently depending on the volume of noise and duration up to which you have been exposed.

What is permanent threshold shift?

Permanent threshold shift is mainly experienced 48 hours after too long exposure to very loud sound. It can also occur if you are been exposed to loud sound even for the short period of time. Loud sound can also cause Tinnitus—a constant ringing sound in the ear.


You have to be alert for any warning signs of hearing loss and which could suggest that you have been exposed to loud sound:
  • ·         You hear a continuous ringing and buzzing sound in the ear
  • ·         You have difficulty in hearing on phone and while people talking to you
  • ·         You feel fullness in your ears once you leave the noisy place

You may have experienced these features in the past but it can possible that you may not recover your hearing back with time. So, avoid going to places having too much loud sound.


Always wear hearing protection such as earmuffs, earplugs while using loud equipment at work or home. You can purchase earplugs or earmuffs or hear protection aid from your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore.
·         Limit your exposure to the loud sound producing activities at home. Have a check on your listening level.
  • ·         Encourage your child to use headphones conservatively.
  • ·         Consider investing in higher quality earphones that block out background noise, to help you moderate your listening levels in noisier places
  • ·         Consider buying quieter products
  • ·         Go for hearing test regularly


It’s essential to know about the hazardous noise in your life. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the protective methods to prevent hearing loss. If you feel you have any difficulty in hearing, contact your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing tested immediately. Get your hearing aids now.

Embracing The Latest Developments In Hearing Industry

Latest hi-tech development has transformed the hearing care industry. Digital hearing aids are more preferred over analog one. Hearing loss sufferers are experiencing better hearing with the latest digital hearing aids in Bangalore. Patients are appreciating the innovative functionality of the latest hearing aids.

It is essential to know about the virtues of the latest trends in hearing care industry. Creating an emotional connection between patients and devices is also essential.

Let’s discuss the latest trends in hearing care industry:                                    

Bluetooth & Streaming

For patients, having Bluetooth enabled device, Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids are excellent choice to go for. This wireless audio feature is commonly found on mobile phones, laptop, tablets, and computers. Using Bluetooth connectivity, a patient is able to send an audio signal directly to their hearing aid processor. The signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced by bypassing the microphone.

Data Logging & Learning

Some of the devices allow us to log environment-specific data. This information is used to create settings that work well in quiet and noisy programs. Advanced devices identify a learned environment and adjust settings automatically.

Remote Control

Patients can raise and lower the volume with pocket-size remote controls. Hearing aids can be easily muted and unmuted. They feature a dedicated home button, having the ability to toggle through other programs. Remote controls for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids usually have a wireless button in their remote controls. This helps patients to push the button and connect with other compatible devices.

Noise & Wind Reduction

Digital Hearing Aids in Bangalore offer noise reduction capability in compared to analog hearing aids. Advanced processors can transform signals in so many ways. Programmers have designed algorithms to recognize and cancel the unwanted noise. They target to reduce the loud impulse noise.
Some hearing aids are capable of reducing noise and wind disturbance. The microphone of that hearing aid consists of built-in sensors to detect the force of the wind. They directly signal the processor to avoid amplifying it. This feature helps patients who are interested in playing golf and sailing where the wind is a great factor of a hindrance.


Telemedicine is basically the remote delivery of healthcare services, like health assessments or consultations, over the telecommunications infrastructure. Here the patient is diagnosed and treated online without the need of person visit. Telemedicine can be helpful and form an alternative to some office visits. Some patients need quick help with their hearing aids. A Skype session can help them out.
The Digital Age has transformed the way hearing aids look, feel, and work with the availability of digital hearing aids in Bangalore.

If you have any hearing issue, get your hearing checked at hearing aid center in Bangalore and   from wide range of hearing aids available select what really suits you. AANVII Hearing Solutions Bangalore is a specialized center for people with Hearing issues with the goal of enhancing the lives of the people suffering from hearing issues with the help of latest technologies. Get your hearing checked today.

How to Clean Your Ears in a Proper Way

When it comes to clean your ears, there are lots of ways you start thinking about like cleaning your ears using cotton swabs, ear candle and so on. It’s true that our ear produces cerumen, the earwax that forms in the outer- one-third of the ear canal, naturally migrating out of the ear using jaw movements, like chewing and talking and clean your ears naturally. It's quite normal for your body to produce the ear wax to lubricate your ears.

Cerumen features antibacterial features and keep the ears away from any infection. Earwax acts like a barrier for any foreign substance like dirt and dust.

Old ear wax tends to move your jaw and help to move old earwax from ear canal to ear opening. It frequently dries up and falls out. Generally, ear wax is made in the outer section.
When you try to clean your ears with a cotton swab, the wax is pushed deeper. Inserting some pointed substance inside your ear or swabbing can cause other serious issues:
·         Infection
·         Breakdown of the Eardrum
·         Significant Hearing Loss

Is it necessary to Clean Your Ears?

Preferably, the answer is no. Your ear canals don’t need cleaning in normal cases. But if a large amount of ear wax is produced and it is creating a problem then it’s better to get your ear examined by a doctor. Hearing Professionals used advanced techniques to clean wax of your ear without damaging the ear canal. It is also not recommended to clean ear of small children also as their parts are too delicate and can be damaged.

Is it ever necessary to clean your ears?

Ideally, your ear doesn’t need cleaning. Most of the people think like it’s a part of the personal hygiene to clean the ears routinely and use cotton swabs, bobby pins etc that tend to damage the ear and even cause hearing loss in extreme cases as these objects create pressure and may block the ear canal. You can visit the hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked if you feel you are facing any difficulty in hearing.

How to help avoid earwax build up:

If your ear produces ear wax in large amount then you can prevent wax build up by using a softening agent once a week. It’s better to visit the hearing professionals and get your ear cleaned and examined as well.

Hearing aids and Earwax

Excessive ear wax can put a toll on hearing aids. Some hearing aid wearers can lead to increase production of earwax at the beginning. Ear wax can clog the microphone and receiver of the hearing aids, damaging the quality and performance of the hearing aids. So, it's essential to know the cleaning methods of hearing aids. If you have any hearing issues, just visit hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing checked and get best hearing aids and advice from hearing professionals. 

AANVII Hearing Solution is a specialised Hearing Solution utilising cutting edge technology and techniques in assisting Hearing Aids to the people having hearing issues.

What You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries are one of the main concerns when we talk about Hearing Aid Safety. To work in an effective manner, hearing aid requires a continuous source of power from a hearing aid battery. Bad quality battery or defective battery tends to degrade the working of a hearing aid.

Here we will discuss what you really require to know about hearing aid batteries:
For How Long Batteries Last:
Depending on the type of hearing aid, battery, capacity and the duration up to which hearing aid is used; Hearing Aid battery lasts for 3 to 22 days.

Replace Batteries: It all depends on for how much duration you used your hearing aid, you are required to change batteries once a week or maybe twice a month. It is recommended to change your batteries if:

·         The frequency of sound becomes low or you need to raise the volume frequently
·         You are hearing “low battery” beep sound, signifying low battery indications and hence, should be replaced. Just go for replacing batteries as quickly as its possible once you started hearing that sound.
It is better to remove dead batteries as soon as possible as it becomes more difficult to remove batteries once they are swelled up.

If you have any hearing issues or you feel you must get your hearing checked then you can visit hearing aid center in Bangalore.

Protective Caps: You must have seen a small, sticky tab on each battery in a package. These protective seals tend to keep the battery away from discharging frequently. So, don’t think of removing the seal if you are not using the battery for the time being. Moreover, never purchase battery having opened packages.

Allow Batteries to Relax: Once you open the battery from the package, allow it to breathe for sometimes. Don’t immediately try to insert into the hearing aid. This allows cells to get charged.

How to Reduce Battery Drain:
The battery begins to discharge as soon as you remove the outer protective seal from the battery. Still, there are some ways you can do to minimize battery drainage.
1) Turn off or open the battery door of your hearing aid when you are sleeping or doing other activities and you don’t need your hearing aid. It’s better to keep the battery door opened at night so that moisture can easily escape and prevent the battery from corrosion.
2)  If you will not be using the hearing aid for a long period of time then it’s better to take off the battery completely. Just keep it inside your protective case of hearing aid.
3) Never place your hearing aid batteries in very hot or very cold temperatures. This can drain battery power and reduce the battery’s life.

Have a look on some hearing aid battery tips:
·         Sometimes Hearing Aid Battery can lose power unexpectedly, so be sure to carry an extra set of batteries especially when you are out of the home. Always store an extra pair of batteries in your purse, briefcase, and car.

·         You should always store hearing aid batteries away from metallic items like keys, coins, and other metal objects in order to avoid unexpected battery drain before usage.
·         Keep your hearing aid batteries at normal room temperature and never store it in the fridge.
·         It is recommended to wash off your hands before replacing batteries. Any dirt residue can damage the hearing aid.

Hope these tips will help you in taking care of your hearing aids batteries and hearing aids as well.
Are you looking for the best hearing aid center in Bangalore?

Well, you can visit AANVII hearing solution center for hearing disorders. You can pick up from an extensive range of hearing aids available and enhance your life. We help you to hear well.


Hearing loss can have a range of adverse impacts on your overall health and body. The effects of hearing loss varies from one person to other person, but most people with hearing impairment suffer some social, psychological and physical issues. Hearing Loss must be treated on time at hearing aid center in Bangalore.
Sometimes, the majority of people are aware of their hearing condition, still, they don’t want to seek help because of social stigma. And that’s why they are afraid of confessing their problems. And, unluckily, the period of treatment becomes too long and impacts of hearing loss go on increasing day by day.
Research and studies reveal that untreated hearing loss can have a Mental, Psychological and Physical impact on us.
Here, we will highlight possible effects of hearing loss if it is untreated for long duration:


Untreated Hearing Loss affect the vocabulary as various sounds and letters lose frequencies. Every letter and verbal sound have unique frequency range and when we lose that ability to hear that range, two things takes place.

·         Sound consist of letters and words and letter and words consist of certain wavelength and frequencies that become very difficult to hear and tough to understand.
·         When hearing loss is left untreated, after some time, sounds linked with those frequencies begin to lose their crispness.


For some of the people untreated hearing loss and their auditory loss actually affect and alter the way their voice sounds to them and others as well.

The second way hearing loss can affect someone’s voice is the perceived volume at which they used to communicate. When hearing loss is untreated for too long, then someone’s own voice sounds soft and once they start speaking louder and louder in order to compensate it, “Inner voice get transformed outer voice” and hence, people start speaking louder and they realize it only when they start using hearing aids.

Delayed treatment of hearing loss can impact most of the vital organs of the body and therefore, it’s recommended to get treated immediately. You can visit hearing aid center in Bangalore and get your hearing aids of your choice.

Enjoying Music and Movies

 With the untreated hearing loss, it is very difficult to listen and enjoy music and movies in the theater or at home. You have to go with the audience if you are watching at the theater and there is some comedy scene and you don’t listen and you feel suddenly audience starts laughing and you have to go with the audience even if you don’t understand anything. The conclusion is that you can’t enjoy if you can’t listen properly.

Work Performance

Hearing Loss adversely affects the work performance in a variety of ways that includes a number of situations like trouble in hearing in urgent meetings or on calls, difficulty in interacting with the people around and missing important official announcements. It can also lead to listening fatigue at work and that affects the overall production.


You must have been noticed that most of the safety-related products and alarms have visual and auditory elements. You may not be able to hear the fire alarm the right time and that can be risky. Untreated Hearing Loss can significantly impair the ability to respond at the moment and act accordingly.

In order to prevent all these impacts and lead a normal and enjoying life, it’s better to get treated on time as delay will only worsen the condition. You can visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore which aims to improve the lives of the people suffering from hearing issues using ultra-modern techniques and technologies.