5 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss in Childhood

3rd March is marked as World Hearing Day, an effort by WHO to increase the public awareness about hearing health and issues. This year they have highlighted the ways to prevent childhood hearing loss.
Here we will focus on early hearing loss detection in children and ways to prevent hearing loss:

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children                                               

40% Hearing Loss in Children is caused by genetic factors and the remaining 60 percent causes can be avoided. Causes include exposure to ototoxic medications, birth complications, infections and birth complications. Exposure to loud noises from electronics or loud crowds can cause a threat to children’s ears.

What Parents Can Do

Here we will discuss five ways parents can keep their children’s hearing safe:-

Buy Noise-Limiting Headphones

Children and teens have a tendency to push the volume to the limits. So, use of noise-limiting headphones ensures that the volume remains low even if they turn it to the maximum limit.

Listen to Your Children’s Toys

Most of the children’s toys emit sound over 85 decibels, which can damage the hearing. So, it’s better to test your children’s toys by installing a free sound meter on your smartphone. If toys sound is too loud then remove batteries or paste a duct tape over it to reduce the volume of the sound emitted.
In the case of any hearing disorders, you can come with your child and visit hearing professionals at Hearing Solutions Bangalore and get their hearing examined and get suitable hearing aids.

Invest in Ear Protection

Make your children a habit of wearing ear protection at events having large crowds, loud music, and the sound of firecrackers. Invest in ear protectors like a set of earmuff to ensure that children’s ears are protected from initial days.


Children should be vaccinated on time for diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella as they are leading cause of childhood hearing loss. Vaccinate your kids against these deadly viruses and ensure that your child, as well as others, is also protected.

Inculcate Safe Listening Habits

Still, our society is not aware of the hearing protection tips. They tend to underestimate the value of hearing but it needs to be protected. There is a need to grow child’s awareness about hearing dangers and significance of protecting their ears. You can ask them to turn the volume of the television and electronic devices to low, covering ears when exposed to loud sound and using headphones at a safe volume.

Protecting your child from initial childhood days and inculcating good habits in them is more likely to reduce the chances of hearing loss to a great extent. If you think your child has any hearing issues, visit your nearest hearing aid center in Bangalore and get their hearing tested immediately.

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